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The trio of SA(仨) create their own soundscapes, exploring all possibilities not bound by time or culture. Without idiomatic commitment, SA(仨) combines traditional & classical training with the curiosity to experiment, creating a sonic-musical identity that is truly their own - reflective of time and space in the present. Every performance is spontaneous and process-driven as they delve into questions of identity, raising unanswered questions and probing sonic inquisition.

Founded in 2010, SA(仨) meaning “three” in northern Chinese dialect, is a tribute to their Chinese roots. Professionally trained in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing, Andy C plays the Dizi (flute), Natalie Alexandra plays the Guzheng (zither) and Cheryl Ong plays Chinese drums and percussion.

SA(仨), has been active in the local and international arts scene at events and festivals such as The Substation’s “Tribal Gathering of Jawbenders”, “Shenzhen Fringe Festival”, “Singapore Inside Out”; curated their own performance series such as “ETHNI-CITY” and “SA Studio Sessions”; and recently toured in Japan.

Prior to FLOW, SA(仨) released their debut EP “SA Live in the Studio” in 2013 and a single “The Pursuit” in 2015.